I started Chicago Steppin’ in April 2009 & have enjoyed this art of expression, this art of movement, this art of creativity...this art of DANCE ever since!!  Not long after I started steppin', a few people noticed what I was doing on the dance floor, liked my style & asked me for lessons.  I took on the challenge and started teaching as I continued learning and trying to develop my skills, and still do.  I enjoy the dance and the lifestyle of being a stepper and I'm humbled whenever I get an opportunity to share it with others.  I created Steppin’ Stone Inc. to teach & continue to learn on a broader scale.


I've learned from some of the best Chicago Steppers and instructors in the world: Brian "Steppin B" Patterson, Kamaal As-Salaam Sadeeq (Big Al), Georgette Holmes, Lady Margaret Fisher, Andre Blackwell, Drewry Alexander, Nikee & Tori, the legendary Tony Dow who won 1st Place in the Masters Category at the 2015 Worlds Largest Steppers Contest, and more.  I appreciate all of these artists and will continue striving to reach their level of artistry.


My hope is that you will learn and enjoy this dance, its history & its future (with you as a part of it).  


Step Into A New Style of Life with ya' boy… STEPPIN’ STONE. 


See You On The Dance Floor

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.